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Maria Milito

WATCH:  Ozzy Cooking Breakfast *NSFW*
WATCH: Ozzy Cooking Breakfast *NSFW*

He drops an F bomb! But watch til the end when he pours oj.

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WATCH:  Woops! Weatherman Slips...
WATCH: Woops! Weatherman Slips...

What kind of patterns?? WARNING: S Bomb!

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WATCH:  Firemen Rescue Ducklings
WATCH: Firemen Rescue Ducklings

So cute.

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WATCH:  Hoverboard Fail
WATCH: Hoverboard Fail

She can't stop til the end.

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WATCH:  Shoplifting Seagull
WATCH: Shoplifting Seagull

He grabs a bag of chips!

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WATCH:  Mr Ed Opening Theme
WATCH: Mr Ed Opening Theme

RIP Alan Young.

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WATCH:  Your Friday Laugh
WATCH: Your Friday Laugh

Newscasters can't stop giggling...

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WATCH:  A Meteor!
WATCH: A Meteor!

Plattsburgh NY P.D. caught it on camera.

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WATCH:  Pinwheel of Pups
WATCH: Pinwheel of Pups

Imagine if they eat like this as adults?!

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WATCH:  Baby Rhinos Cry For Milk
WATCH: Baby Rhinos Cry For Milk

They live in a sanctuary in South Africa.

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