Space Force.......Starfleet?

I am a huge fan of the Star Trek franchise.  I loved ST:TNG,  Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.  I still watch those shows today on the H&I network.  I was never the type of person to dress up and cosplay and I've never gone to a convention, but I was always fascinated by the concept of the show and what it could mean for our future.  I always believed that one day, we'll have 'first contact', then the concept of warp drive would lead Earth into a new frontier.  Growing up in Houston, TX near the NASA Johnson Space Center helped fuel my fandom of the show and concept.  Now comes word that President Trump wants a 'Space Force', a proposed sixth branch of our military.  This makes me wonder if this is the precursor to what is in the Star Trek universe known as Starfleet.

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