Big Bang Theory to end after 12....

I love the show 'The Big Bang Theory'.  I don't think there is an episode I haven't seen. You pretty much can't watch TV nowadays without seeing it on a channel somewhere with the syndication.  Parent company CBS has announced that the show will be ending after the 12th season.  We have all become fans of Sheldon and Leonard and the antics of them and their friends. It will be sad to watch the final episode when that comes next year.

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What's also cool, is that a cousin of mine actually has appeared on two episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I have some cousins in show business.  My cousin Molly Morgan appeared on an episode in which Howard and Raj go to a bar, meet some girls and end up in a tattoo parlor.  Molly is one of those girls and she's the one that talks the most. 



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