Watch Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell Go Shopping for Vinyl


Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently went shopping for some of his favorite albums at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, California, then explained his picks for the cameras.

The video was posted on the beloved record store's YouTube channel as part of its long-running What's in My Bag? series.

Cantrell picked out a stack of records by influences, as well as an item that reminded him of a longtime friend.

"I saw this British Steel Judas Priest coffee mug," said Cantrell. "It made me think of [late-Pantera guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott]. I think this was one of his favorite records and one of mine, too. I just thought this would be great to have at home. Have a little British Steel for breakfast."

ZZ Top, Black Sabbath, Elton John and The Beatles are among Cantrell's top album picks. AIC fans might be surprised to know that Cantrell credits Sir Elton's 1971 Madman Across the Water album with igniting in him a passion for song craft.

"There's something really magical about this record to me," Cantrell says. "Probably the artist that kind of made me want to be a musician, Elton John. It was the first thing that I really got turned onto. I got what songwriting was, feeling and emotion, even though I was just a little kid." 

Cantrell also took care to mention the part Ozzy Osbourne played in Alice in Chains' big break in the '90s.

"Ozzy's vocals, always creepy and powerful," Cantrell said. "And then later on in life to have the connection with him ... He gave us one of our first big breaks opening up for [him]; we went out on the No More Tours tour, actually."   

It was thanks to that tour that Alice in Chains met bassist Mike Inez, whom AIC plucked from Ozzy's band later that same year. 

Next time you're at a record store, you can pick up the new album by Alice in Chains. Rainier Fog is available now. 

Photo: Getty Images


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