Married Police Officer Sues Dating Site For Using His Photo In Ads

david guzman

david guzman

A married police officer has filed a lawsuit against a dating website after they used his photograph to create advertisements without his permission. David Guzman accuses of "scraping" his photo from Facebook and using it in a social media campaign.

His photo, which was a selfie he took while wearing his uniform, was used in a series of ads on Instagram and Facebook for the dating site that caters to men and women in uniform. In one ad, he was identified as a 33-year-old single man named Jason. The photo was captioned: "Bulletproof vest? Nah, it's all muscle."

Guzman's wife saw the ad and demanded to know why he had a profile on the site. He told her he never created a profile and said he never gave the site permission to use the image.

He contacted the company and asked them to stop using his photograph. The company says they removed his photo within days of the request and are asking a judge to dismiss the lawsuit. They say that Guzman did create an account using his personal e-mail address and date of birth.

"The facts and evidence available to it indicate that Plaintiff himself — or at the very least, someone who knows Plaintiff's personal identifying information — was the individual who created the profile at issue," they wrote in response to Guzman's suit.

Guzman is demanding restitution for any "unlawful proceeds" the company made by using his image.

"Defendant's use of plaintiff's image, likeness and/or identity in connection with a dating service impugns plaintiff's character, embarrasses him, and suggests — falsely — that he, a married person, is presently dating and seeking out other partners," the lawsuit reads

Photo: Hiraldo Law