Three States Are Emptying Out Into Florida

Florida is growing by leaps and bounds. Almost 1,000 people a day are moving Tampa, St. Pete & West Palm are on the top of the list of destinations!

New York, Connecticut & New Jersey are seeing a mass exodus now all to Florida. Over the last few months homes listed for sale are almost THREE TIMES the amount listed in Florida. West Palm has seen a 286% increase alone in real estate sales.

Most are tired of high taxes & restrictions placed on them by their home states. They also fear their states will be ravaged by flu season coming up.

California has also seen large numbers leaving their state for Arizona and Texas because of the same reasons.

This video was BEFORE Covid and yes there are plenty of amazing reason to go. HOWEVER, most of the job bonuses this guy list are no longer available because of COVID and people are STILL moving.

photo: getty images

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