Real name: Krombopulos Deano Jr.   Likes/Dislikes: rather than drain the life out of someone that's bored enough to click on my bio to see my likes and dislikes and personal history, learn more about me by reading my list of 20 things to do before I die. Deano's list of 20 things to do before he dies 1. Time travel back to the day I decided to fry a pound of bacon naked and stop myself  2. Take an Ambien and Ex-lax at the same time and see which one kicks in first 3. Stay up for two whole days in a row watching Lawrence Welk Re-runs. 4. Eat an entire cow. Hooves too. 5. Mow the lawn naked. 6. Stand in front of the Vulcan statue in Birmingham and tell people it's a statue my dad had commissioned of himself and get a dollar from everyone that stops by. Again. 7. Kneel before Zod.  8. Write a list of 20 things I want to do before I die. 9. Make blood sausage from my own blood. 10. Pay Johnny Maze to eat one of my boogers. 11. Act like a blind guy and get change at the mall. 12. Figure out a way to get my "THUG LIFE, BITCHES" tattoo removed from my mid section for free. 13. Never start a list of 20 things to do before I die. 14. Give Sammy Hagar the finger while driving the speed limit and obeying all traffic laws. 15. Throw feces at a monkey 16. Sell my iHeartMedia stock and use the money to supersize my next combo meal 17. Teach Sunday School wearing butt-less chaps and a baby tee that says Juicy 18. Start chain smoking turkeys!  19. Sweet crap, only one more. 20. Never do this again.