Don't Mess With My Pancakes! Plus Techno Chicken!!


IHOB is making me way more angry than it probably should, but why the hell are you going to do a marketing ploy this dumb. Yes, you're going to have people talking about you, but so far it's all been negative reactions from literally everybody. 


There are approximately 850 Million burger restaurants in the state of Alabama alone. That number may be slightly off, but my point is right.

You don't mess with the brand, that's marketing 101. Your core customer IHOP is drunk people looking for heavy carbs and greasy breakfast meats to soak up alcohol. Not the lunch crowd. You might do better to shut down from Noon to 10pm to be honest.

I know this is a temporary thing, a publicity stunt, but this was just a bad idea.

Remember New Coke...That didn't work out well.

Remember when Burger King offered table side service, or the Arch Deluxe, or Crystal Pepsi? None of those things worked out well.

New Coke

Also, Burgers have always been on the IHOP menu...have you ever had them? Probably not, because it's the International House of Pancakes, the king of breakfast breads.

At this point, I'm hoping Waffle House starts offering pancakes. They don't need to change their name, because Waffle House is smarter than that. I'll still eat their waffles, and cheese n'eggs, and omelettes, and even their burgers, because they know who they are and they stick to that. I'm just saying, Waffle House is so good, that pancakes on their menu would probably kick ass too. Not to mention they are way more consistent with their product.

Waffle House

Anyway, once again, I've rambled and I remembered before posting this that our web people say videos get more clicks, so here's some chicken techno. Enjoy.



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