Eat it Raw! International Sushi Day!

Today is International Sushi Day, and I wanted to celebrate with some friends because I love sushi and I'd like to use my minimal amount of influence to reach out to people to share my love. 

So we headed out to Rock-N-Roll Sushi in Huntsville. I've never been before since I'm fairly new to town and everyone said for good sushi, that's where you go, so we went. By the way, this isn't an ad, we paid for our own way, I just wanted some freaking sushi dammit. 

Rock N Roll Sushi Menu

First off, the menu is set inside vinyl album covers. That's my first gold star. When you are dealing with a music fanatic like myself, that's one hell of a touch. Inside the menu it's the perfect amount of selections. Not so much that it overwhelms, but not too little that there's no options. 

Inside menu

The menu features items with names like Led Zeppelin Roll, Journey Roll and more. I had the Beatles Roll since today is also Paul McCartney's birthday. This food was simply amazing. 

Beatle Roll

The items were very fresh, the presentation was gorgeous and the service was prompt. So If I had 3 more thumbs I'd give it 5 thumbs up. My cohorts loved their items too. 

plate o sushi
tower of goodness

That being said, sushi is one of those foods that divides people. You either love it or hate it. A lot of the hate sushi receives is from people who've never tried it. Usually it's ignorance and fear because people hear sushi and it's "Oh, no I'm not eating raw fish!" However, sushi isn't always raw. There are items that are cooked and if you're on the fence, open yourself up and start with one of those items. See how  you like it, and work your way up to the raw a little at a time if you feel like it. You might find that  you actually love it if you just give it a chance. Or you can just stick to the cooked stuff, which is still great, and you won't be missing out on a great joy that is sushi. 

It's like a lot of things in life. Fear is only ignorance and ignorance isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just lack of experience in some areas. I'm ignorant of a lot of things, but I'm ready, willing, and mostly able to try just about anything. Except skydiving and anything else involving heights. That ish is cray! 

You only live once, live a little people. 



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