Top Ten Albums For My New Radio Station

Hey guys, long time no see. I've missed you. You look great! Did you get a haircut? 

We put a new radio station on the air this week. It's called Alt 92.9 and it's pretty amazing, but I didn't get to have any input. Which is fine, but here's what you might find in heavy rotation if I ever get a chance to have my say!


I'd go to Miami with this guy. I'd keep my distance, and keep an eye on my drinks, but I bet he'd have some good stories. 

Sour Cream

Just threw up in my mouth a little, but I hear they're opening for the Stones. 


Banned by, Ms. Ayres was last seen holding up a Petco and walked out with 10 cats.

Janet Greene

I think we have talk stations that play this one on all the time. 

Use me

Blessed are the eager...I guess.

Dove's worth two in the bush!


I think he used to work on this station before Johnny Maze came on board. Now, he's by request only. 


I think I can sneak this one in on the Rockaholic's All Request Lunch.


Where's the 4th member? 



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